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Thoughts and notes

Content ideas

-short tutorials on features of trackman and how to use

-different launch monitor (clubs, balls, and gear) comparisons and tests

-explaining what different data points mean and how to apply them

-tours of the space and explaining features

-how to videos of setting up and trouble shooting


-training aid reviews

-reviews on golf products I want

-hitting off turf vs real grass

-how to warm up

-how to spend a range session

-different golf ball comparisons 

-how to build a putting mat

-different putting drills

-reviews on stuff I already own

-reviews on new shoes and stuff I wang

-finding golf pants better than Lulu


DIY putting green

Putting drills

Putting Green builds

Budget SmartRange set-up

socal golf course i do course vlogs too? how do I not make those boring with how bad i am?

Terms and conditions

It’s a privilege to practice here


Things that will disqualify your membership

Always breaking stuff

Not leaving on time

Not cleaning up after yourself

Treating it like your middle school bedroom


Being a headache

Things to make membership worth it

Access to private Facebook group 

Invitation to golf trip / tournament 

Free use of demo clubs

Bag storage and lockers

Free RCT golf balls or custom regular balls

Access to competitions and prizes

Free use of training aids

Able to book earlier than everyone else

Free guests

Free drinks and snacks 

Access to warm up and mobility equipment

Monthly give sways based on competitions 

Add ons from store shop for free stuff every month (balls, glove, tee, a hat, yeti) for like $20

Side Hustles

Bushnell Launch Pro affiliate sales (i want to have people buy them through me without seeming like im just shilling for foresight)...

Affiliate Sales

Bushnell: 6%

Net Return Pro: 10%


Buy and sell used clubs

Find and sell used balls

Selling merch

Selling RCT balls

Selling customized balls

Pro Shop

Golf balls

RCT balls

Metallic stickers










Bumper stickers

Yeti bottles and cups

Sunday golf bags?

Training aids

Used clubs

Ball markers

Divot tools


Pricing Funnel

Hourly Rate of $40, $60 for 90 minutes 


Key fob memberships

4 a month = $130 ($150) save $20

8 a month = $250 ($295) save $45

Unlimited 24/7 access = $295 ($350) save $55


Unlimited day pass = $225


Party Packages of 5 and 10 hours

Can only go during peak hours or when I’m in the store, so availability is a lot more limited. But would be good if you just want to go on the weekends


5: 175 (save $30)

10: 375 (save $75)


If you buy early access you are promised that rate until you cancel, which you can anytime


Do I want the SAVE sale attention urgency grabber to be focused on the opening day sale or how much you can save with a plan vs buying individually

Side Hustles

Side hustles on top of side hustles

Buy and sell used clubs

Find and sell used balls

Selling merch

Selling RCT balls

Selling customized balls


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